Chris B (St Paul, MN)

"Thanks for the wonderful cake last night! I am not someone who eats gluten free, but one of the girls at our event can not have gluten and another no tree nuts, and the cake was fabulous. Many people commented on how good it was! Thanks again!" -Chris and Girl Scout Troop 50200

Jenn O (Sioux Falls, SD)

"I bought 2 of your cookies at Freshii on Friday. Oh my, these are the best gf cookies I have EVER had! I need more of them. I can't wait until I'm back in the Minneapolis area so I can go & buy some more of your products! I live in the Sioux Falls area, it sure would be nice for your products to be sold over here. I did not realize how delicious they would be. I wish I had eaten them before we left town so we could've stopped on our way home for more goodies. It's so hard to find an okay goody so these are like heaven! Yum!"

Bryan Z (Minneapolis, MN)

"My wife and I visited your bakery for the first time. We had a few different treats (cookies, bars, and a muffin) all of which were spectacular. The taste and texture were perfect and there was no aftertaste. I'm a Big Fan!"

Kelly T (St Cloud, MN)

"I have been gluten free for a couple of years now. I have spent a lot of money on gluten free bread that is sub-par. You know, it's expensive! The texture is what gets me; they are mostly gummy. I picked up a loaf of your gluten free bread at the Good Earth store in St. Cloud recently. AMAZING! Thank you! Finally, a gluten free bread that feels like bread! I had my first piece of buttered toast in two years. Thank you Good Earth for carrying this product. Thank you BitterSweet Bakery for making this product. I am a BitterSweet fan!"

Brenda W (Warsaw, IN)

"I was in your bakery on Saturday and bought several items and was blown away by how good those items were. I was also able to eat one of your GF hamburger buns at the Tavern on France. I absolutely loved them."

Kimberly B (Twin Cities, MN)

"I just found out a week and a half ago I had to go gluten free. Being a baker, I was crushed. No more cookies and cakes? I have tried a few store bought treats, and found them not being a treat at all. Then I found your bakery. I stopped in and bought a chocolate chip cookie, brownie and sugar cookie. I tried the Chocolate chip cookie first, and it is the best cookie I have had ever! The fact that it is gluten free is just crazy. The sugar cookie was also yummy. I am saving the brownie for tonight, but wanted to say THANK YOU! I finally found a silver lining in this dieting mess. I will be back!"

Katie H (East Coast, USA)

"We moved from Minnesota to the east coast about a year ago and can not find any gluten free bakery that can match your taste and quality for gluten free products."

Betty H (Johnson City, TN)

"I was visiting my daughter in Apple Valley and since I must eat Gluten Free due to a severe case of Celiac Disease. She works in downtown Minneapolis and rides the bus most of the time. She had mentioned to a seat mate one day that her mother was coming to visit and had to have gluten free food. He told her about this place called "Bittersweet" and said they come there to get food when his sister-in-law comes to visit because she must have gluten free food. When I walked in your doors it was a raw, cloudy, rainy Saturday and your bakery smelled like Heaven to me. I could breathe deeply and not worry about cross-contamination like other bakeries. I have been eating totally gluten free for almost 4 years and I am 72 years old. I asked, "Is everything in here gluten free?" The gentleman who had come out to greet us answered "Yes" and I just looked at him as said "I love you!" He gave us a sample of the peanut butter cookies and I could only stand there and savor each tiny bite at a time. I wanted to make it last as long as possible it was so delicious! I bought peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and a loaf of your yeast bread with sunflower seeds and rosemary bread sticks.

We got a few things that day and wished we had gotten more so the next week on Saturday before my flight home on Sunday we came back to Bittersweet so I could get things I could eat as I traveled because airports DO NOT offer gluten free anything as I could find. I got a small loaf of pumpkin bread, a piece of the coffee cake, lemon zinger cookies and, of course, several of those wonderful peanut butter cookies. I am getting ready to place an order and will call tomorrow to do so but I just wanted you to know what a wonderful treat it was to find you and your delicious food! Thank you for doing a wonderful job of giving folks like me, who are not fortunate enough to live near you. I live in Johnson City, TN and have also shared your website with my sister in Lexington, NC and sister-in-law in Kinston, AL who will also be placing orders."

Alison A (St. Paul, MN)

"I wanted to let you know that the cakes you prepared for our wedding were absolutely delicious, and looked beautiful! They received many compliments."

Diane M (Tomahawk, WI)

"You have become a real lifeline in my home.  I live in North Central Wisconsin and on occasion I drive to North Saint Paul to see my father. I have had Lyme disease for over 20 years. I am happy to say that I am getting better every day but it is doubtful that I will ever be 100% because I am 60 yrs old in November and I have had it for so long that some organs and functions are just dead. Living that lifestyle many things go haywire, one of the many is appetite and taste buds. After being on there high doses of antibiotics my mouth and taste buds are pretty much burned out. What most people consider tasty I either don't taste or it burns my mouth. I spend a lot of time finding little goodies here and there that I can taste.

I was transported to heaven the day stopped in the River Market in Stillwater and bought a 3 pack of your spice cookies. I opened the bag about half way home  and broke off a chunk NOT expecting much but when I bit into the sweet, chewy, gingery spice cookie I couldn't believe it. This is the best thing I have tasted since my treatments started 10 years ago. All I could think was ...why didn't I buy more! Last week I came trough again, which I do 2 to 3 times a year. This time I bought 5 bags. If I had had more money I would have bought more.
These cookies help my stomach like nothing else does after the treatments and are often the only thing I can keep down. I just wish we lived closer."

Kristen J (Minnetonka, MN)

"I brought my daughter to your store for the first time shortly before Christmas to try and find some goodies she could have for upcoming holiday celebrations. She was diagnosed with Celiac disease about six months ago. Besides having to eliminate gluten, she also had to eliminate dairy and nuts from her diet as the Celiac disease also caused additional food intolerances for her. At age 10, making these dietary changes has been an emotional and stressful journey for her. Seeing her - the light, excitement, and hope on her face - when we left your store practically brought me to tears. She couldn't wait to try the goodies she bought so she proceeded to have a taste of every item she bought during the ride home. She absolutely raved about how good they all were and continued to remark how she couldn't believe the items were gluten-free and that she couldn't believe she was actually able to eat them. Thank you for making her day! I hadn't seen her so excited about a food item in ages. The only struggle was preventing her siblings from eating all her treats! Thank you for providing such delicious bakery items that are safe for those with dietary limitations. We are so thankful that you not only provide gluten-free options, but also dairy-free options. We wish your bakery was closer to us. Bless you and your bakery!"

Erica S (Eden Prairie, MN)

"I love the products I bought yesterday. The bread is great and I shared the donut holes with coworkers who were shocked they were gluten free! I'll be back to BitterSweet soon!"

Tanya J (Burnsville, MN)

"I was in your store for the first time yesterday. I heard about BitterSweet's products from so many people and since I can no longer eat wheat I was dying to try some of your bakery goods. I must say I was SO happy and impressed after eating your Cranberry Nut Muffin, I bought the Lemon Bars and Pumpkin Bars. Today I had your Lemon Bar and I think I have died and gone to heaven they are that good. Thank you for making such delicious and yummy stuff! I will be back in many more times!"

Amanda H (Boston, MA)

"Thanks for making top-quality gluten-free products. Your cookies and cupcakes are the best I've had since I developed my gluten intolerance. I look forward to treating myself with your baked goods when I am visiting from Boston. The sun shines a little brighter on cold Minnesota days because of you! All the best!"

Becca S (Minnetonka, MN)

"I was in yesterday and picked up muffins and cookies for a birthday today at work. Everyone is raving about how delicious your 'goods' are! Outstanding! We'll be stopping by your store again!"

Sandra M (Phoenix, AZ)

"I live in Arizona, but while visiting my sister in northern Wisconsin, we took a little trip to St. Paul. I found your gluten free chocolate muffin in a coffee shop, and could not believe it was gluten free. I then had to search to find your products, and was elated to find them sold in a store in Hudson, only about an hour from where I was staying. Fast forward, now I'm back in Arizona. I made your pancakes for my grandchildren, and it was unanimous; the best gluten free pancakes EVER!"

Paul B (Minneapolis, MN)

"We love your products. Thank you for making such amazing and delicious treats. I shop at the Linden Hills Coop. I wish they would carry more of your products mentioned on your website. Many thanks!"

Joanne M (Lakeville, MN)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for wonderful bread, carrot cake, pumpkin bars and the piece de resistance...the almond bundt cake! I treated myself for Christmas, froze pieces and will enjoy it for awhile."

Lynn G (St. Paul, MN)

"Thank you for the fabulous gluten free carrot cake! I pray your business goes extremely well for you and your family. I'm sure we'll see you soon."

Sue V (York, PA)

"I can't put into words just how good your baked goods are! I have had Celiac, diagnosed, for about nine years and remember, (and greatly miss), the taste and texture of 'regular' baked goods. Therefore I am much more picky about gluten free items, since I am always comparing to "regular" stuff! But when I tasted your buns, pumpkin and lemon bars today, I really thought these are just too good to be gluten free, but they are! Thank you for opening your shop. I wish you the best."

Wendy H (Burnsville, MN)

"We wanted to thank you for the recently donated loaves of bread for our spaghetti dinner fundraiser for our daughter Abby's treatments. It was a great addition to the success of our fundraiser, and everyone loved it!  Even those who didn't require gluten free but tried your bread loved it and wanted to know what kind it was. Of course we raved about it and told them. We are very grateful for your donation and help for Abby. Thanks again. Best of luck to you and your gluten free products which we love!"

Kelly S (Grafton, ND)

"My four daughters and I stopped in on our way back from our trip to Des Moines, IA, to our home in Grafton, ND.  It is so hard traveling with four celiacs, three being children! I am very glad your services were available. The banana bread was perfect, as were the lemon and pumpkin bars. Thank you again. Every time we come through we will be stopping in to stock up!"

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