Kristen J (Minnetonka, MN)

"I brought my daughter to your store for the first time shortly before Christmas to try and find some goodies she could have for upcoming holiday celebrations. She was diagnosed with Celiac disease about six months ago. Besides having to eliminate gluten, she also had to eliminate dairy and nuts from her diet as the Celiac disease also caused additional food intolerances for her. At age 10, making these dietary changes has been an emotional and stressful journey for her. Seeing her - the light, excitement, and hope on her face - when we left your store practically brought me to tears. She couldn't wait to try the goodies she bought so she proceeded to have a taste of every item she bought during the ride home. She absolutely raved about how good they all were and continued to remark how she couldn't believe the items were gluten-free and that she couldn't believe she was actually able to eat them. Thank you for making her day! I hadn't seen her so excited about a food item in ages. The only struggle was preventing her siblings from eating all her treats! Thank you for providing such delicious bakery items that are safe for those with dietary limitations. We are so thankful that you not only provide gluten-free options, but also dairy-free options. We wish your bakery was closer to us. Bless you and your bakery!"

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